evobridge Services

evobridge offers a wide range of services to accelerate growth and boost profits. The first step in any engagement is to understand your exact requirements and tailor a specific package of deliverables to meet your objectives. Typical services evobridge can provide include:

Sales and Business Development, including Sales Representation

A range of services to accelerate and boost your Sales and Business Development activities. From fully outsourced Sales and Business Development functions, to reviewing and improving your current performance. evobridge provides focussed Sales and Business Development capabilities, utilising our network of contacts and our vast experience of managing the whole sales cycle. This can range from direct and inderct sales respresentation and opportunity creation to managing the pipeline and closing the deal. Services can also include evaluation of sales personnel, developing key account strategy, creating motivational incentive plans, implimenting efficient processes, adding sales channels, competitive pricing models, tuning collateral, ensuring effective proposals and conducting negotiations.

Product Marketing

Evaluation of product USPs, competitive analysis, fit to market, roadmap evaluation, product management, partner strategy and R&D. Recommendations and implementation of improvements.

Marketing Communications

Review of brand image, marketing communincations plan, online presence, lead generation, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and event participation.

Interim Management

Fill short/medium term gaps in the management team with high calibre executives, while working to find long term replacements.

Management and Organisation

Work alongside the existing management team, advising and reporting on performance. Mentor and recruit where necessary to improve organisation's overall performance.


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